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Kindnessville is a gentle introduction to the magic of awareness practice.

With its heart in Zen mindfulness, Kindnessville will show you how to meditate, live in compassion, be present, and love yourself.
You will learn how the voices in your head (resistance) keep you stuck and how to free yourself from them so you can lead a mindful kindful life.
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Read Practicing Presence!


This book contains two charmingly illustrated cartoons on mindfulness that give you and your kids the tools you need to live happy, meaningful lives. Practicing Presence demonstrates the simple steps of directing the attention while The Process of Compassion shows you what to do once that attention has been directed. Fun for kids — and enormously helpful for hapless adults!

Here’s an animated version of the first cartoon!



Learn to Meditate!


Zen meditation will teach you how to direct your attention to the breath.
When you get really good at keeping your attention on the breath, you’ll be better able to keep your attention with yourself as you walk about in the world.
When you keep your attention with yourself and what’s around you, you’ll be less likely to allow your attention to wander off into thoughts.
Having your attention wander off into thoughts: The past, the future, what’s wrong and what’s not enough is the source of all unhappiness.


So you can probably see why being able to direct your attention is so important!





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Meditation is just the beginning (might I add, an extremely wonderful beginning)!
To help you bring this amazing practice into your life with as much fun as possible, I’ve created a series of daily, mindful kindful messages called “Today…” 
Each one will highlight an aspect of Zen awareness practice in a “theme du jour” for you to contemplate and experience throughout your day. Best of all, they feature a cartoon, most of which are animated!
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About Alex

Alex Mill is a Zen Life Coach, facilitator, leadership trainer, author and public speaker. He spent nearly 14 years training in a Zen monastery and is now offering his years of experience to transform people’s lives and businesses through mindfulness, meditation and compassionate self-awareness practices. He created Kindnessville soon after he left the monastery as a way to share his love for the awareness practice that transformed his life in a fun, accessible way. To learn more about Alex’s other projects, please visit his main website: www.zenlife.coach


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