…close your eyes and focus on
where you feel joy in your body.



Don’t assume you know where joy is “supposed” to live in your body.

Really close your eyes and feel where it is for you. How does joy feel inside of you. Does it move? If so, how? How big does joy feel? Does it have a color? Describe its quality. Is it like fluttering? Fizzy? Gushing like water? Or light and wispy? Notice everything you can about joy. 

Now, set an alarm for 2 more check-ins to find joy in your body today. 

Don’t skip this! If you make it a point to find and access joy at will, whenever you want, you will master directing your attention to how you want your life experience to be. But first you have to know what you’re looking for!

This is the beauty of awareness practice! 



In lovingkindness,


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