…set some alarms
to come back to the heart!



I’m a huge advocate of setting reminders and putting things on the schedule.

Left to autopilot, the voices would be happy to take charge of our lives. Waiting to remember to meditate or to do awareness practice is a surefire bet that it will never happen. In fact, because of the voices’ influence, it’s easier to do that which wouldn’t take care of us and harder to do that which would take care of us.

That’s another reason why being conscious and awake is so important.

That’s why I keep saying, “Set reminders and alarms!” Because our wellbeing can’t be left to chance.

It’s too important to risk giving up our attention to.

Today, when your reminders go off, put your hands on your heart and say to yourself, “Yes. Thank you. I love you.”

Notice how that makes you feel.



In lovingkindness,

p.s. Did you set some reminders? Oh good. Just checking…

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