Have you ever noticed the voices in your head?

You know, the ones that doesn’t particularly like you. They say mean stuff about you. And when they get tired of being mean to you, they get mean to others. They’re equal opportunity abusers that way.

Staying stuck in listening to the voices and their stories can create a wall around you and prevent you from seeing just how incredible life really is. They can wall you in with problems instead of solutions. With what’s wrong instead of what’s possible.

Disidentification from these voices happens when you bring your attention back to the present moment. In a flash, your obsession with all these bad feelings vanish. The wall comes down. And you’re simply left with what’s here.

A smile will cross your face when you realize that it’s possible to do this anytime you want.

Set a couple alarms today to go off to remind you. Don’t leave this to chance. You know how easy it is to get lost in those stories.

When the alarm goes off, “drop the story and bask in the glory.”



In lovingkindness,


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