…get out of the theater between your ears!



Our minds, if left unattended, will tend to wander off all over the place. Drawn to this story and that.

And the stories can be compelling. Even if they’re bad stories. They somehow seem “comfortable” and “familiar.” Because we’ve been listening to them and believing them for most of our lives.

So anything new that comes along simply gets filtered through the old stories. “How does this fit?” Our belief systems, projections, assumptions, opinions and conditioning take hold and make sense of the world for us. This can create a whole lot of drama in our lives.

Like being trapped in a bad movie!

Meditation gives us the opportunity to see that this inner distraction isn’t real. It’s all lights and flickering images on a screen. And because we see this, we can pop out of this theater and participate in life.

But we need to see how we’re being kept a “captive audience” first.

Consider what stories you find believable. What seems really real to you? How are you kept stuck between your ears?

Write that all out if you would like. Get it out of your head and onto paper. When you get it at arm’s length, it stops being as powerful as it seems and it gives you the opportunity to see it for the story it truly is.

Whatever you see, don’t let the voices make you feel bad about what you find. That’s how they keep you from looking as deeply as you are now.

Know that you’re a good person doing awareness practice and that you want to grow and become more free.



In lovingkindness,


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