…allow the insights to come to YOU!



At the Zen monastery where I trained, I learned that you don’t have to leave Center (being present and grounded) in order to live an amazing life. You could stay put internally and allow the information you need to arise from the stillness and come to you.

I learned that this practice of faith can guide you perfectly!

Remember the cartoon with the swirling voices spinning around her head from the other day? Well, in that scenario, insights can’t break through because her attention is consumed by listening to and believing the voices.

Same with you. You can’t have great ideas come to you when your attention is filled with junk.

Only when you become empty, still and open will you begin to hear Life speaking to you. You’ll hear the still small voice remind you to bring your keys. You’ll hear it tell you that you need to have a conversation with an important person who could help you. Or give you ideas for a book. Or simply be.

It will begin to take very good care of you. But you need to clear the air in order to allow it in.



In lovingkindness,


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