…practice mindful eating.
Chew your food.
Put your utensils down between bites.
Say thank you before each one.



A tangible application of mindfulness can be joyfully experiencing your food!

Make a point to eat at least one meal mindfully today. In the monastery where I trained, this was done as a way to honor the food that nourished us. In fact, here’s what was written on the sign at the end of the meal table at the monastery:

“Eating is a concrete way of expressing compassion for oneself. The life force is in the food. The life force is in the breath. Together, they create and sustain us. To express gratitude for it all, we can be present, mindful, compassionate, and accepting with each bite. Chewing in grateful acceptance, breathing while chewing, putting down utensils between bites, and saying thank you while bowing with each bite, are some ways of expressing gratitude for the food that sustains us, and the body that we dwell in.”

Some other practices you can do to facilitate this experience is to:

    • Note the food’s texture and color.

    • Note the individual tastes. Are they bitter, sour, sweet, astringent, pungent, or salty?

    • Note the smells.

    • Ask yourself: Does anything you are eating taste better than the other things you are eating? Why?

    • Pay attention to the food you are eating as it passes from your mouth to your tummy.

    • Refrain from reading, texting, talking, or engaging in other distractions.

    • Sit in a beautiful environment, if possible.

    • Notice your posture as you eat. How does that affect your experience?

    • Notice if there are any thoughts. If there are, that’s okay. See if you can drop them and direct all of your attention to the act of eating.



In lovingkindness,


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