Today be…

Consciously direct your attention to what
you want for yourself and your life.



Today, we’ll practice with your favorite beverage. Maybe it’s tea. Maybe it’s coffee. Maybe it’s simply water. 

Whatever it is, hold the container with both hands and feel its presence. Notice it here in its space. Real. Like your hands. Its physicality and your physicality.

Take a sip. Notice everything you can about how the liquid feels as it passes your lips and down your throat. The taste, the temperature, the feel and the experience of what happens within you. 

Pay attention to it all.

To be present is a gift.

Now is when and where the magic happens. Being lost in thoughts and distractions robs you of the one precious life you’re here to experience. 

Practice simply being with what is right here, right now. Practice this two more times with whatever is in front of you.

Give it and you the attention it and you deserve.  



In lovingkindness,


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